Module 1: Consenting Process

This module highlights the need for commitment from the part of the mentee. We provide the vision for the mentorship programme and what each module is expected to achieve. The objective is to gain consent from the mentees as a sign of their commitment to follow through and identify with the programme as something that will contribute to their entrepreneurial success

Module 2: Enrolling into the mentorship programme

In this module, we seek to understand the backgrounds of the mentees, including their experiences in starting or running businesses and their future ambitions. The objective is to obtain baseline data from which individual success and progressive milestones of each mentee can be measured.

Module 3: Self-Assessment Guide

In this module, we unpack three internal resources that all people are endowed with: who we are, what we know, and whom we know. We explain how these internal resources are invaluable in determining and guiding our entrepreneurial intentions. The objective of this module is to enable each mentee to develop their individual profi le of internal resources that include; who they are, what they know; and whom they know.

Module 4: Sharing & Reflecting on Self-Assessment

In this module, mentees reveal and share their internal resources. Each mentee is given a chance to identify other mentees whose internal resources complement their own. The objective of this module is for mentees to refl ect on each other’s internal resources and identify how they complement each other. Mentees form teams based on complementary internal resources. These teams become the nucleus for the implementation of the remaining modules.

Module 5: Scanning for Business Opportunities

In this module, teams search for and identify opportunities in their communities which they can exploit using their complementary internal resources. The objective of this module is for the mentee
teams to apply objective criteria to identify and screen potential opportunities until they zero down on those that they deem are viable.

Module 6: Translating Opportunities into Potential Products

In this module, mentees identify potential products or services that can be developed to fulfill the identified opportunities. The objective of the module is for each mentee team to use objective criteria to select at least two potentially viable products or services, which are suitable to fulfill the identified opportunities

Module 7: Unpacking Potential Products

In this module, mentee teams unpack the two potentially viable products or services and outline their benefits to potential customers and highlight their key selling points. The objective is for each mentee team to comprehensively describe the characteristics and benefits of their selected products. Mentee teams will also be able to come up with value propositions which will be used to market their selected products or services.

Module 8: Preparing your Potential Products for the Market 

This module introduces and explains a set of marketing tools (7Ps) that are used to ensure that products and services succeed in the market. The objective of the module is to enable the mentee teams to develop detailed marketing mix profiles for their prospective products or services.

Module 9: Mapping Your Potential Value Chain

This module explains the value adding processes that are categorised as primary and secondary value adding activities. This is to enable the mentees to understand the relevant value adding processes that apply to their potential products or services. The objective of the module is for the mentee teams to map the relevant value chains for their proposed products or services.

Module 10: Financing your Business

This module explores the different financing options available for new businesses. The module explores each option and explains some of its features. The objective of the module is to enable the mentee teams to evaluate the different financing options and arrive at the most suitable one(s) for their potential businesses.

Module 11: Getting Started

This module guides mentees on how to put together a suitable business plan for their potential business. The objective of the module is not only for the mentee teams to compile complete business plans, but also to map out the next steps with clear timelines that they need to get their business started.

Module 12: Checking the Health of your Business

This last module explains how a new business owner checks the health of his/her business. The module explores the tools that the mentees can use to check whether their new businesses are healthy, and if not, how to implement actions that can improve the health of their businesses. The objective of the module is to help the mentees to design and/adopt the tools that they can use in their new business.