Your Journey to Becoming a Youth Entrepreneur

A Step by Step WorkBook

“Young trees result into a flourishing and regenerating forest”. African Proverb

In a country where youth unemployment is at worrying  levels, there has never been a better time for a practical, step-by-step guide that can be used to mentor young aspiring entrepreneurs. This workbook sees the author Ignatius Odongo guide the reader through the journey of entrepreneurship, step-by-step.  The goal? To assist in growing aspiring  youth into  future entrepreneurs.

Specifically written as a tool to facilitate guided conversations between the mentee  and the mentor, the author uses simple language, ensuring that the intimidating topic of entrepreneurship remains easily understandable.  This workbook features a unique 12-module programme, including assignments that ensure that the reader can progressively refine new business ideas to become viable products or services.

The 12-step programme covers the  fundamentals  of entrepreneurship, including:

  • How to search for and identify opportunities in your communities that match your interests and aspirations
  • Identifying potential products or services that solve community problems
  • Shaping and preparing your new business to succeed in the market
  • Identifying and evaluating different financing options available for your new business
  • How to put together a selling business plan
  • How to check if your new business remains healthy