The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is mentorship?

There are many definitions of mentorship. Our working definition is that mentorship is an arrangement where a mentor (the person mentoring) shares his/her knowledge, skills and experience with the mentee (the person being mentored) in order to achieve an agreed upon developmental objective. This objective is agreed upon before the mentorship starts. By the end of the mentorship session, both the mentor and the mentee review whether the common objective has been achieved to their mutual satisfaction.  Mentorship is conducted in a manner that motivates and empowers the mentee to identify their own issues and goals, and help them to find ways of resolving or reaching them – not by doing it for them, or expecting them to ‘do it the way I did it’ – but by understanding and respecting different ways of problem solving.

How does mentorship differ from coaching or training?

Mentorship is a collaborative arrangement between the mentor and the mentee to achieve specific developmental goals for the mentee.

There are some overlaps between mentorship, coaching and training.

Coaching is performance driven. While the focus of coaching is on the present that of mentorship is futuristic. The purpose of coaching is to improve, enhance, or acquire new skills that can be leveraged immediately. Coaching has a defined ending. It ends when the goals have been achieved, that is, the trainee has mastered the specific skill or goal which they were lacking.

Training involves developing a particular skill to a desired standard through instruction and practice. Training is the act of increasing the knowledge and skill of an employee for doing a particular job.

What is your approach to mentorship?

Our approach to mentorships pulls together the advantages of mentorship, coaching and training. It is primarily aimed at unlocking the potential of aspiring youth. The programme is supported by a state-of-the-art IT platform.

Our motto is to work for youth with youth. This means that we work with youth, being guided by their individual ideas. Our intervention approach is based on a model that promotes active listening, discussion, reflection, action and learning. Our model seeks to build youth champions or role models who will act as catalysts for change among their colleagues and communities.

Our approach begins with identifying each young person’s internal resources, that is, their entrepreneurial qualities, things that they are or could become good at, and the networks that can potentially support their success. We then work with each mentee or group of mentees to identify and exploit business opportunities that resonate with their internal resources.

If I am interested in your mentorship programme, how do I apply for it?

On our website, there is a form that you can fill and submit to us. We will respond promptly with more information and clarification, including the fee structure and payment methods. In your information request, kindly specify whether you are interested in specific modules or in the whole mentorship programme.

Can I buy the book only? If so, where do I get it from?

The complete paperback title is available to order globally through [using this link] . For readers within South Africa or neighbouring countries you can email an inquiry to the following  address: – We will get back to you asap with your personal quotation that includes applicable courier fees.

Can I buy the book and still receive mentorship services as well?

Yes, you can. The book is primarily designed as a mentorship tool. If you are among the first 100 buyers of the book, you quality for a 20% discount on the mentorship fees for your first module.

If I pay for mentorship services, do I also receive a free book?

After you pay for your preferred module(s), you will be able to download the material for the relevant module(s) that is based on the book chapter(s). However, if you pay for all the 12 modules, you will be able to download the material for all the modules, which is equivalent to the complete book. However, it is advisable that you buy the book so that you can read ahead of time and appreciate its comprehensive perspective.

Do I need to enroll in your whole mentorship programme?

The choice is yours. You can either enroll for a specific module(s) of interest or for the whole mentorship programme. The advantage of enrolling for the entire mentorship programme is that you will benefit from its holistic step by step perspective. Each module builds on what was covered and achieved in the previous module.

How long are your mentorship sessions?

Our mentorship sessions vary in length. Some are short and others are longer depending on the amount of material to be covered as well as the number activities that the mentee is supposed to do. What is important to note is that the only time that we consider is the contact time between the mentor and the mentee. We do not count the time the mentees take to do individual activities or assignments. Our advice, however, is that mentees should do their assignments immediately after the session. Although the time spent to cover the module is set, we encourage the mentors to hold short sessions as agreed upon with the mentees. This way, the module can be divided into several sessions depending on the needs of the mentees.

What happens if the time allocated to the module that I paid for ends?

The time allocation per module has been worked out to accommodate reasonable flexibility. However, if the time allocation for the module is used up, mentees are encouraged to contact the administration and request for top up time. The cost for the top up time will be met by the mentees.

Is your mentorship programme reasonably priced?

The cost per module is meant to cover the administrative costs for delivering the mentorship programme as well as the payment to our highly qualified and experienced mentors. However, depending on their circumstances, mentees can contact the administration for possibilities of negotiating flexible payment methods.

Do you issue certificates after completing your mentorship programme?

Since this is a practical programme, the outputs build up to a new business set up for the mentees. The programme has been designed to cover all the key steps required to set up a successful business. In addition, some of our mentors lecture in post graduate business programmes in universities and other higher institutions of learning across the world where these things are taught. Never-the-less, downloadable completion certificates will be available at the end of the mentorship programme.

How do I communicate with my mentor?

As soon as your payment is received, you will be given access to the module material and will be introduced to your mentor including their contact details. You will then be able to agree on your own schedule with your mentor.

After completing the module, can I still contact my mentor?

After completing the module with you, your mentor will be assigned to other mentees. If you have anything you need to be assisted with, please contact the administration using this email

Can I pay for more than one module at once?

Yes, you can. You can either pay for your specific module(s) of interest or for the whole mentorship programme at once. You can also pay by instalments after agreeing on the appropriate payment method with the administration.