About Us

Welcome to Entrepreneurship Journey, the world’s premium youth entrepreneurship company that is specialised in innovatively mentoring aspiring youth to turn their ideas into viable products and services. Our company brings together an international collection of highly qualified and experienced mentors who will help aspiring youth to translate their innovative ideas into concrete business solutions. Using state-of-the-art technology, our mentorship programme connects mentors and mentees from all over the world.

Work with youth, for youth

Our motto is to work for youth with youth. This means that we work with youth, being guided by their individual ideas. Our intervention approach is based on a model that promotes active listening, discussion, reflection, action and learning. Our model seeks to build youth champions or role models who will act as catalysts for change among their colleagues and communities. 

Our approach begins with identifying each young person’s internal resources, that is, their entrepreneurial qualities, things that they are or could become good at, and the networks that can potentially support their success. We then work with each mentee or group of mentees to identify and exploit business opportunities that resonate with their internal resources.

The innovative youth entrepreneurship mentorship programme is divided into 12 modules. Each module has an introduction, its purpose, detailed explanations, and the exercises that youth are required to do using standard templates. At different stages of the mentorship programme, we will bring in industry experts to share their technical expertise with mentees as appropriate.

Each mentee or a group of mentees will be assigned an experienced mentor. The mentors follow a clearly defined mentorship guide which has predetermined outcomes for each module. At the end of each module, each mentee or group of mentees will give feedback on their experience and impressions about the module. We will use this feedback to further improve the quality of the modules and the overall mentorship programme.


Our Mission

We are in the business of transforming aspiring youth into successful entrepreneurs through innovative and empowering mentorship.

Our Vision

We envision viable and sustainable businesses created and managed by young and tenacious entrepreneurs.

Our Values

Self-efficacy: We believe that youth can only become successful if they believe in themselves. If they believe in their own abilities to offer innovative solutions to problems in their communities. Our approach is to guide aspiring youth to identify and exploit their individual skills and abilities. 

Networking: We believe that establishing and nurturing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships is the cornerstone for entrepreneurial success. Indeed, experts agree that the most connected people are often the most successful. Our approach is to guide aspiring youth to identify and exploit networks that will not only support their personal and professional growth; but will also provide complementary resources required for success in their entrepreneurial careers. 

Tenacity: We believe that starting a new business and making it grow takes time and patience. There are seldomly quick wins. Hence, our approach is to instill determination and persistence among our aspiring youth entrepreneurs. 

Innovation: We do not believe that one size fits all. Our approach to developing young entrepreneurs is to encourage different ways of solving community problems. Different ways of solving community problems offer young entrepreneurs opportunities to differentiate their offerings in the market.

Passion: We believe that youth can only be successful in entrepreneurship if they pursue business interests that excite and give them satisfaction. Hence, our approach is to help youth identify innovative solutions to community problems that appeal to them.

Empowerment: We believe that successful youth entrepreneurship happens if youth pursue ideas that originate from them. Our approach is not to tell youth what to do or how to start their businesses; but rather, we guide them to generate their own ideas and progressively refine them as they seek innovative solutions to community problems.