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Dr Ignatius Odongo is a strategist, enterprise development specialist and seasoned researcher. He holds a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Entrepreneurship, a Master of Philosophy in Entrepreneurship, an International Master of Business Administration (International Business), a Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Marketing Management, and a Diploma in Mechanical & Production Engineering. Ignatius is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM, UK) with the designation FCIM, showcasing his tremendous achievement within the marketing industry. Ignatius has also recently been appointed as a mentor of CIM’s highly valued global mentoring programme, where he will be supporting marketers of the future by utilising his industry knowledge and experience.


He has over 27 years of management and technical expertise and has implemented more than 120 consulting assignments in strategy and related areas in some ten countries in Africa and Asia. He has experience in the following sectors: financial services (banking, microfinance and insurance), hospitality industry, small and medium-sized enterprises, agriculture, consumer goods, telecommunication, education sector, utilities (water, electricity and gas), social and rural development, private security, and public health, among others.


Ignatius Odongo

Identification and Evaluation of Business Opportunities: The Experiences of South African and Ugandan Youth Entrepreneurs

It is often believed that without opportunity, entrepreneurship would not exist. Identification and pursuit of opportunities are believed to be at the very heart of entrepreneurial success, which sets entrepreneurs apart from other members of society. However,...

Entrepreneurship Journey PTY Ltd. (EJ) has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Focus Youth Forum (FYF) based in Uganda

The MoU will see EJ and FYF work together to create projects that will benefit many aspiring young people in Africa and beyond. FYF is social enterprise that brings youth together to fight poverty and unemployment. To date, FYF has facilitated start-ups of over 1,000...

Developing Youth Entrepreneurship Should Start from the Mind

World over, youth entrepreneurship has remained a challenge for young people, communities and governments alike. This challenge has been sustained even though youth entrepreneurship has often been touted as a solution to employment generation and poverty alleviation....

You Need Good Bookkeeping as an Entrepreneur

As aspiring businesspeople, it is always important to learn the discipline of bookkeeping. Bookkeeping means keeping records of the financial transactions of a business. Bookkeeping is helpful in ensuring that funds generated from the business are easy to track and...

Government: You Have a Role in Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship

Most governments are guided by constitutions which underscore the rights of their peoples to participate in their countries' development. In addition, governments put in place other legislative frameworks that operationalise the provisions in their constitutions....

You Need Good Sense of Judgement and Decision Making to Succeed in Entrepreneurship

In her book, Judgment and Decision Making in Accounting (2008), Professor Sarah Bonner distinguishes between judgement and decision making. She refers to judgement as a process of forming an idea, opinion, or estimate about an object, event, state, or any other...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mentorship?
There are many definitions of mentorship. Our working definition is that mentorship is an arrangement where a mentor (the person mentoring) shares his/her knowledge, skills and experience with the mentee (the person being mentored) in order to achieve an agreed upon developmental objective. This objective is agreed upon before the mentorship starts. By the end of the mentorship session, both the mentor and the mentee review whether the common objective has been achieved to their mutual satisfaction.  Mentorship is conducted in a manner that motivates and empowers the mentee to identify their own issues and goals, and help them to find ways of resolving or reaching them – not by doing it for them, or expecting them to ‘do it the way I did it’ – but by understanding and respecting different ways of problem solving.
How does mentorship differ from coaching or training?
Mentorship is a collaborative arrangement between the mentor and the mentee to achieve specific developmental goals for the mentee.

There are some overlaps between mentorship, coaching and training.

Coaching is performance driven. While the focus of coaching is on the present that of mentorship is futuristic. The purpose of coaching is to improve, enhance, or acquire new skills that can be leveraged immediately. Coaching has a defined ending. It ends when the goals have been achieved, that is, the trainee has mastered the specific skill or goal which they were lacking.

Training involves developing a particular skill to a desired standard through instruction and practice. Training is the act of increasing the knowledge and skill of an employee for doing a particular job.

What is your approach to mentorship?
Our approach to mentorships pulls together the advantages of mentorship, coaching and training. It is primarily aimed at unlocking the potential of aspiring youth. The programme is supported by a state-of-the-art IT platform.

Our motto is to work for youth with youth. This means that we work with youth, being guided by their individual ideas. Our intervention approach is based on a model that promotes active listening, discussion, reflection, action and learning. Our model seeks to build youth champions or role models who will act as catalysts for change among their colleagues and communities.

Our approach begins with identifying each young person’s internal resources, that is, their entrepreneurial qualities, things that they are or could become good at, and the networks that can potentially support their success. We then work with each mentee or group of mentees to identify and exploit business opportunities that resonate with their internal resources.

If I am interested in your mentorship programme, how do I apply for it?
On our website, there is a form that you can fill and submit to us. We will respond promptly with more information and clarification, including the fee structure and payment methods. In your information request, kindly specify whether you are interested in specific modules or in the whole mentorship programme.
Can I buy the book only? If so, where do I get it from?
The complete paperback title is available to order globally through [using this link] . For readers within South Africa or neighbouring countries you can email an inquiry to the following  address: – We will get back to you asap with your personal quotation that includes applicable courier fees.

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